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Muddy Stilettos is a collective of women dedicated to sharing stories of resilience and empowerment, complemented with delectable food and recipes, forward fashion trends, lifestyle advice, lady-led boutique, motivational resources, candid conversations and more.

Created by us, inspired by you.

Women Like Me

Muddy Stilettos is a strong, resilient, tightly-knit community like no other. We keep moving forward because of women like you; women who share unique stories based on their life experiences to achieve lives that are irrevocably beautiful.

Through stories, we form connections and inspire each other – triumphing through adversity, showing strength, resilience and determination, all the while encouraging each other to make our marks.

We hope that Muddy Stilettos creates a movement of hope and revelation centered on our readers’ stories.

Shaping Futures

We want to help our members take their future into their own hands and understand the importance of women encouraging one another. Our boutique features lady-led products and services with sales and membership proceeds going to causes that support women on their life’s journeys by annually donating to organizations that aid women around the world.

The Press

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From health and beauty, family & relationships to wellness and growth, our contributors are what make up our Community. Although we feature content from women all over the globe, our contributors offer regular content on their passions and areas of expertise covering a variety of topics for every women.

What it Means to Be A Member

When you become a member of the Muddy Stilettos’ community, you’ll receive inside access to programs and services, our professional network and exclusive, member-only discounts on Muddy Stilettos Boutique. 

Your monthly contribution, no matter the size, does much more than keeping our website and networking programs up and running. All proceeds go to affiliate organizations that universally work to encourage and support women. 

Without our members’ participation, Muddy Stilettos would not be the passionate community of women dedicated to making the world a better place by rousing and encouraging women around the world.

Lady Led Boutique

The Muddy Stilletos boutique features lady-led businesses, artists & designers. Sales from the store go directly to the female entrepreneurs with proceeds to affiliate organizations that support women globally. As a member of Muddy Stilettos, receive exclusive discounts and featured products.

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