Women Like Me

Every woman has a story of endurance, empowerment, or struggle that can spark hope in those who hear it and provide validation for the strong woman who was brave enough to share her story. 

Telling a personal story can be a journey, but can offer the opportunity to continue on a path filled with healing, acceptance, and powerful self-awareness. 

Women Like Me is a compilation of personal stories and interviews from women who have overcome impossible circumstances and encountered unique experiences. 

These women are strong, fierce, and they’re just like you. Through struggle and success, fear and failure, beauty and pain, these women instill a sense of magnificent courage. Their bravery will inspire, ignite, and embolden all who read their incredible journeys. 

The Sharing Of Stories

Muddy Stilettos is engaged in the lives of our readers. We love it when you share your stories of inspiration, each of them unique to your life experience, yet shining a light on the fact that while the road may be rough, the outcome is almost always, irrevocably, beautiful.

Your story might hold the key to unlocking the dreams of a woman just like you, thousands of miles away. The encouragement she receives from reading, watching or hearing your words, could be the “aha moment” they have been searching for. 

Whether it be one of great perseverance to achieve a (sometimes life-long) goal like going back to college in your 60s, a triumph over adversity,  bravery to change your course, or strength to speak your truth, you never know who will be impacted by a shared experience. 

Every story shared on Muddy Stilettos reaches a global audience to women who may be experiencing the same as you and if the timing is right, we’d love to hear what yours is.

Women Like Me, the Book

Compiled by Muddy Stilettos contributor Julie Fairhurst, Women Like Me, the book is a compilation of 16 women’s stories who have persevered through life’s challenges, triumphing with courage and determination and chosen to share their story, in their own words.

Some Women Like You​

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