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Muddy Stilettos is engaged in the lives of our readers. We love it when you share your stories of inspiration, each of them unique to your life experience, yet shining a light on the fact that while the road may be rough, the outcome is almost always, irrevocably, beautiful.

We are only as strong as the women who support us, and we aim to provide that support right back. You are brave enough to share your stories, shed light on your darkest moments and provide an everlasting message of inspiration, and we hope you find our platform the perfect place to share these messages.

Every story shared on Muddy Stilettos reaches a global audience to women who may be experiencing the same as you and if the timing is right, we’d love to hear what yours is.

Pat Henman

Pat Henman and her daughter were in a tragic car accident that nearly killed them; and resulted in both being paralyzed. Pat’s story is the perfect example of how no matter how often you believe your situation is hopeless, you must focus on the light at the end of the tunnel because life is worth living and there is so much to fight for. We all have a fire, an inner fight, within ourselves, and without realizing this, Pat and her daughter wouldn’t be where they are today.

Life is so worth living, so fight for it. Without that fire, that inner fight present in every woman, Pat and her daughter would not be where they are today.

Kristy Gordan

Kristy Gordan is an internationally renowned artist. Before following her dreams and pursuing her life’s passion, Kristy regularly heard she wouldn’t succeed and failure was almost certain. Instead of listening to the naysayers, she took life by the horns, held onto her dreams, and made the life she envisioned a reality. Kristy is an inspiration for many and fully encompasses the Muddy Stilettos’ philosophy of nothing is impossible.

Judith Stein

Judith Stein spent her early 20s performing burlesque on stage and decades later was inducted into the International Burlesque Hall of Fame. She faced an untold amount of criticism for her career choice, but has since come to understand you should never give up what you love, regardless of what people say or the circumstances you may find yourself in. It’s entirely possible to discover your passion, what sparks your joy, in the most surprising places. Once you find it, embrace and follow the path you’ve discovered with unapologetic determination and remember, Muddy Stilettos’ has your back.

What's Your Story?

GeoLyn Mantei

GeoLyn had always been a bit of a rebel and rule breaker. She also has a tenacious heart with her own dreams of ‘making it’ — a label defined by the corporate sector, complete with pencil skirts and fitted blouse, and behind her name, three letters: CEO. 

GeoLyn has taken a few unadvised detours along the road to success. Her chosen trail has been rocky and steep, hampered by storms of loss of every kind as new labels began to define her, coming stacked with statistics. But with each label, number and title, a deeper drive was instilled within to achieve her most ambitious goals to leave her mark on the world. 

GeoLyn’s passion lies in making a difference in her community, through volunteering efforts, mentoring entrepreneurs, business marketing, and fundraising for causes close to her heart. GeoLyn is a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, constantly evolving towards her best self, while helping others to do the same.

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