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Muddy Stilettos is a place for you to read other women’s stories, find courage in even the darkest of times and discover joy. All of our content is created by women, for women. We hope that you visit often, as a source of comfort and inspiration.

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Women Supporting Women

Women around the world are constantly facing a variety of issues, and we pride ourselves on our goal of inspiring and supporting women on a global level. When you become a member of Muddy Stilettos, you’re joining a network of women across the globe that have uniquely gathered to offer support, guidance and inspiration.

We regularly feature affiliate products in our store from female business leaders who have created or lead the products or companies we are featuring with proceeds going to organizations that aid women globally.

A Mission And Movement
To Empower

We are a group of dreamers with a strong vision of all women being on a mission—whether in our homes, in the the workforce, our communities or the world—to better our lives by adopting causes to fuel positive change.

We find women from all walks of life inspiring, especially those who routinely use their strength and resilience to overcome tragedy and achieve their goals. We long ago realized that their achievements are a source of inspiration and encouragement for women around the world.

Partners & Affiliates

We take pride in donating proceeds from Muddy Stilettos Boutique & Memberships to organizations that help women worldwide make their lives better.

A Message From The Founder

My vision for an organization started in 2012 and at that time it was focused on helping women heal through trauma, specifically sexual violence. 

At that time, I had recently left my husband and my business – my first entrepreneurial venture – in a small town in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and relocated to my prairie province of Saskatchewan with my then two and four-year-old children. 

Due to the nature of our separation, I was made to believe that it was because of the trauma I had experienced as a child and teenager, that caused our failed marriage and instigated the arguments that over the years, became more volatile and eventually physical. 

In the summer of 2012, I began work on Seeds of RAPE with a vision of helping women overcome sexual abuse and rape with guidance and support from female experts in various fields like nursing, psychology, and law, to help women Recount, Accept, Protect and Evolve.

This vision never came to fruition.

Instead, for the next eight years, I was enthralled in a lengthy custody battle fighting for my two young children and during this time, working through the recent diagnosis of autism and moderate development disability of my daughter.

Fast forward a few years, I was back in British Columbia, struggling to start over. My first business and all assets were gone.  I was unable to secure a job in my field of sales and chose to start another business building off of the success of the first, which was a community publication. This time though, instead of print I expanded into the digital world. 

As much as I was reluctant to take on the stress of working for myself, never knowing when the next paycheck would come when beginning your own business,  I needed the flexibility to work on my own schedule to accommodate the visitation schedule of my children. The necessity to pay the escalating legal bills, attend hearings in Supreme Court and ensure my kids had the resources they needed, were my driving forces behind QuickShot Media, a digital media company that has expanded in recent years with Moda Partners, a boutique digital marketing company.  

During this time in 2016, I enrolled in a program by Chantelle Adams called Centre Stage Live. It was a program that was designed to help find your voice and teach you to take the stage to tell your story.  I had spoken over the years, more in my early twenties on bullying and abuse with my mother, who was a teacher in Saskatchewan,  and knew that it was what I wanted to do again. 

Photo taken in a field of rapeseeds in prairie province of Saskatchewan for launch of Seeds of RAPE.

I had a story. A couple. But, I didn’t have the courage or words to tell them.

It was during this retreat with Chantelle and a dozen other incredible women, that Muddy Stilettos came to light but, the timing wasn’t quite right.

  • I still had a few more obstacles to fight through.
  • A few more court hearings to attend.
  • I needed to move back to that beautiful community in British Columbia without fear or embarrassment of my divorce or the story that people didn’t know.
  • I had to prove that I could survive on my own. Build my own business. Pay my own bills, not be dependent on anyone or stay in a relationship because it kept a roof over my head.
  • I needed more than $17 dollars in the bank, and to attend to the collectors I’d been avoiding for years.
  • Finally, I needed a message that was true and authentic.

And it came. It took a few years. More than a little trial and error. But it came.

With it came a realization that it isn’t my story, but every woman’s story. And through the words and sharing, every woman can find comfort or offer inspiration to another that may be on the same path.

And in turn, support through a platform of showcasing women-led businesses (boutique coming soon); and a support model that would allow us to give back to so many organizations that support women around the world.

Also, through Muddy Stilettos Foundation and the support from our members, we will offer bursaries and scholarships to a woman who has been nominated, encompassing the Muddy Stilettos values of strength and resilience and who may need a little monetary support to help her along her journey.

Although the journey has been long, I’m so grateful you’re here along with the incredible women who have shared their stories in ‘Women Like Me,’ and a huge thank you to the contributors of the community who help create content to share with you.

If you have a story you’d like to share, a cause you’d like us to support, or a topic you’d like to contribute to, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

I look forward to joining you along the journey as we all make our mark, in our Muddy Stilettos.

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GeoLyn Mantei  Entrepreneur & Founder of Muddy Stilettos
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